Carol was recommended to us at Silk Purse Oily Rag for her youthful, spirited sense of style and photogenic beauty.  And we completely agree with that description…    DSC_0344“My style is influenced a lot by menswear.  Like man-style trousers, Doc Marten lace-ups, button-down shirts and biker jackets.  I bought this jacket after looking for one for a very very long time.  But when I saw it I knew it was just right.  The shoes look new, but I have had them for a really long time.  I really look after my stuff, and maybe I am a bit too fussy sometimes.  But it means my things always look really good and they last longer”.



2 thoughts on “Carol

  1. Carol looks amazing always, her sense of style is all hers and Posh Spice must have seen her when she was back visiting the UK because she so obviously copies Carol these days


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