It is rumoured that Sonya stalked Jana before mustering up the courage to ask her to be part of Silk Purse, Oily Rag’s real-style project.  We are so glad she did…

“It was a bit cold today so I thought I would make the most of it by wearing this coat.  It’s faux-fur and I bought it from Save Mart where I work part time.  I bought the dress and Doc Marten boots from Trade Me, which is where I get a lot of my clothes.  The belt was my mother’s and the handbag was given to me by a good friend who used to own Retrotonic in Motueka.  It is a real treasure although I can’t fit much in it.  The label on the inside is French and says Brevette L.V.  We think it might be from the 1940s or even earlier”.

One thought on “Jana

  1. Love this article…Jana is my step daughter and she is a Pinnacle part of the Vintage Community. Her taste is eclectic and fun…with a big topping of class!


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