Sonya took a trip to the Washbourne gardens in Richmond to capture a bit of nature’s style.  We can learn a lot from Mother Nature.  Do read Magnolia’s style story for some insight…

“I’d always wanted to be a rose.  Roses always look so great, and they are so iconic!  A few of the magnolia’s round here would also rather be some other flowers.  Tulips or daffodils at this time of the year.  But I’ve learned to go with what I am and how I like to flower.  I think it’s great to bloom once a year for a short time, and do it without leaves.  The leaves come later, and they have their beauty too.  I think it’s a shame when we try and compare roses and daffodils and tulips and magnolia’s and stuff.  Or talk about which one is best.  We’re all beautiful when we bloom where we’re planted”.

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