Maria’s style is indeed bold and unapologetic.  But it’s neither contrived nor pretentious.  Maria dresses in the way that she does because she likes it…

“I think a lot of women are scared to stand out.  I think that they don’t want to get noticed because of what people will think.  I think that it is much easier and safer to just wear what everyone else is wearing and to blend in.  And there is nothing wrong with that, necessarilly!  But if it means they are not dressing in a way that’s really who they are?  Well that’s a shame.  This coat is bold and bright and strong and I love that.  But I am not wearing it because I want to get noticed.  I am wearing it because it is “me” and I have always felt good dressing in this way.  I love this coat, bought it in Orange County in the USA from an antique shop.  It is from the late 1960s I’m guessing.  It’s in excellent condition, a rich velvet”.


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