The weather suddenly turned cold and stormy, so we photographed Kellie inside the lobby of Tonic Hair Salon where she works.  Although unplanned, it turned out to be a rather fitting shoot location…

“This dress is another genuine article from the 1950s.  When I first bought it I was almost too scared to wear it, as it is a beautiful dress and irreplaceable.  What I love about these vintage fabrics is that they have a texture and… depth, I suppose you could say.  It almost takes on a 3-D effect when you look at it.  The old-fashioned print process meant separate layers of colour and you can really see those layers in this dress.  Another treasure is this leather box case, with the initials M.L.F stamped on the outside.  I wonder who she was?  Was she a Mildred Louise Fairweather?  Maybe she was Margaret Lucy Fredrickson?  People often joke that they stand for much less appropriate words!”

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