Sonya spotted Nicola with her beautiful brogues, man-style pants and colourful accessories, and spontaneously approached her for an instant streetstyle photograph.  Nicola said yes!

“Currently we are living in Qatar, and it is very hot.  So I am really feeling the cold being back in Nelson!  The pants I am wearing are made by a dressmaker.  I like to have pants made up in fabrics I love.  I bought this fabric in Rome when we were travelling.  I do like the man-style look in the way that I dress.  I like trousers and brogues and shirts, and this woollen vest is also quite masculine.  Yes, I think the ring is interesting too!  I bought it from a boutique when we were travelling in Italy!  It has a carved face and the ring itself is tortoise-shell.  The scarf I bought here in Nelson in Eclectic.  I do love fashion and style, and so it is quite lovely that you noticed and wanted to take a picture!”



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