Annabelle’s mother sometimes brings pieces home for Annabelle that she has picked up from second-hand shops.  But she quite possibly doesn’t always know if Annabelle will like them or not…

“I wonder if she gets a bit exasperated with me because she brings things home for me and sometimes they are amazing but other times they are not.  And I can’t always explain why.  I just know when it’s right.  This blouse was right.  It’s a bit 80s but it’s interesting and it really works under this jacket.  The jacket is actually from my partner’s mother!  She was doing some clearing out and asked me if I would like it, and I said ‘heck yes!’  I think that she wore it when she was a teenager”.

One thought on “Annabelle

  1. Annabelle has a style all her own .She doesn’t conform to any trends but her unique style always seams to work.I Love the way she puts old and new garments together In a way that works for her.The colour pallet of mustard and black crispness is softened with the cream Lacey blouse which gives a femme touch


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