Hannah Jade Beard is a fashion stylist who regularly works with photographer Jessica Shirley, and has styled fashion editorial for Admire magazine.  She’s also a nanny to three beautiful under-7 year old children, so the excuse to dress up a little….

“I love to support New Zealand designers, especially local ones.  These pants are by local designer Robyn Reynolds and the jacket is Nelson label Liann Bellis.  I absolutely love these pants and have been living in them since I got them.  I would probably wear a lot more designer-made garments but I just can’t afford to.  So I love to mix up inexpensive things with the more high-end pieces.  My jersey is from Glassons, and these shoes? I’ve had them for ages! The bag was a bit of treat, a gift from my partner.  It is Michael Kors, and in the beginning I was really fussy with how I looked after it.  Less so now, and I appreciate the worn and loved look, but it is still something I treasure a lot.  My watch was my grandmothers and the brooch a gift from my parents on their travels in Scotland”.


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