Kellie and Sonya are learning together.  Sonya, how to take better photos, and Kellie, how to relax in front of the camera.  What can we learn?  How to master colour boldly and rock a vintage style without looking contrived or dowdy…

“I co-parent with the father of my children, and I have a great relationship with his mother and grandmother.  This brooch is in fact a gift from his Mum.  It is special, because it is made from a piece of her favourite pottery that was broken in the Christchurch earthquake.  She had it made into a brooch.   The pearls I am wearing are from her mother, the children’s great-grandmother.  I don’t know very much about the dress, but I found it on Trade Me.  My bracelet, which we think is art-deco pre-WWII, was a gift from a good friend of mine Fleur Woods.  She is a Nelson-based fabric artist, and ‘one of us’.


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