Regularly catching up with Maria is a cheeky way for Sonya to nosey her way into Maria’s wardrobe, which must be extraordinary!

“The coat I am wearing isn’t actually second hand!  I bought it at Saks of Fifth Avenue in the US.  No, it is not real astrakhan, it’s synthetic.  The pants are second hand though.  They are so long and wide that I am actually wearing those band thingees that little old men on bikes wear around the ankles!  It keeps them tidy and out of the way, it being a rainy day again.  Today my earrings, bangles and necklace are painted wood, but the ring is plastic.  Yes, I often do wear black as a base for my outfits in winter.  My coats and accessories are often bold so having things plain underneath just works better.  In summer it is often white that I wear as a base”.

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