Sonya spotted Jude behind the scenes at a fashion show at Nelson’s Shine fashion boutique. It was Jude’s glasses frames that started the conversation, but an appreciation of her modern, dark and edgy style quickly followed…


“Yes I wear a lot of black.  I like designers like Zambesi, Ann Demeulemeester and Rick Owens, a bit of Nom*D too.  I can’t always afford them though, so I tend to buy one or two more expensive pieces each year and then I look after them.  I have clothes I have had for twenty years or more, and I still wear them.  I think I am drawn to these designers as they are quite edgy, dark and masculine.  I am a jewellery designer and my designs are also like that I think.  The label is Kouka, and they sell at Shine and The Nook.  These shoes are Rick Owens, but I was lucky as I got them in a half-price sale.  The pants and top I got on a trip to Melbourne for my birthday.  When I was there I met a designer at a Fashion Week event, whose style was similar to mine.  It was funny because we were kind of drawn to each others’ style.  And then I found out his name was also Jude and he was also a designer!  This bag and top are both his label, Jude by Design”.


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