Carol has a tendancy to second guess her outfits.  We remind her that she shouldn’t, and that the reason we photograph her is because she is Carol and that she dresses in a way that Carol likes…

“I used to be able to afford more of the designer labels, but I have to be more careful now.  That said I still invest in the things that are really ‘me’, like this backpack which is Alexander Wang.  I loved it so much when I saw it.  It was 50% off, but it was still a lot of money, so I went away and talked to my daughter about it.  When we went back the next day it was 75% off, so I didn’t hesitate.  It was meant to be mine.  I think it’s important to invest in some things that define your style. The crop top is by designed Jason Lingard and I bought it in Nelson from Palm.  I love a bit of ‘biker’, and a bit of rebel. Many other things I own are from Glassons, or second-hand so it’s not all designer.   My jacket is fourteen years old or more and Nom*D, bought from Cooper & Rouge which is no longer.  Pieces like this last for ever”.

3 thoughts on “Carol

  1. Love the outfit Carol. Shoes are fantastic and as always you photograph beautifully. Don’t second guess yourself you are you and you do it with superb finesse

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