Catherine is manager and owner of Nelson’s Craig Potton Gallery.  She first met Sonya behind the scenes at a fashion shoot for Wild Tomato magazine, where they discovered a mutual love for photography, fashion, and pixie crops…

“Today I am wearing my ‘gallery dress’.  It is the perfect dress for work.  I don’t want to compete in any way with the art, so understatement is important.  It also is a kind of backdrop for the beautiful jewellery that we sell.  I think that statement pieces like this necklace need to be framed simply.  The dress is Juliette Hogan and it has become one of my favourites.  The necklace is a Russian-jade fantail by Wellington jeweller and sculptor Joe Sheehan. I bought it on Christmas Eve!  It was the last one left in the gallery and I just couldn’t see it being sold to anyone else.   This bag also has a gallery story, actually.  I won it at an auction fundraiser for the Suter Gallery.  It was donated by Jane Palm of Palm Boutique”.



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