Jana’s youngest child was ill on the day of the scheduled shoot.  So Sonya and Jana caught up the next day in Richmond on Jana’s way through to work.  It was all rather serendipitous, timed perfectly with the spring blossoms of the Washbourne Gardens…

“Yes, everything I am wearing is second-hand.  Except my socks and my underwear!  I didn’t really plan this outfit.  I just decided that I was going to wear the dress and then took it from there.  I chose the shoes because they tone in with the brown print of the dress.  Then I chose the earrings because they toned with the shoes.  I matched the bag with the earrings, going with the cane theme, and so yeah… that was it!  I didn’t mean to go for anything japanese inspired.  It was just the result of a process, and it came together in the moment”.

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