We appreciate the way Ishna’s style is varied, yet she has such a strong consistent signature.  Unconciously, she plays bravely with shape and form, whilst keeping a neutral colour palate and simple lines…

“It is interesting that you point that out.  I wasn’t aware that each week I’ve had very different shapes.  It certainly wasn’t conscious.  I am aware though that I tend to cover my body up a lot, and I admit that I hide a bit in what I wear.  Dark colours and neutrals are also hiding colours aren’t they?  So wearing a fitted look today, one that is feminine and shows my body off more is a little outside of the norm.  The top needs to be simple I think, to set off the necklace which is a bird skull and a statement.  It is by Nick Von K, a New Zealand designer.  He gave it to me for some photographic work I did for him during Fashion Week”. dsc_04491.jpg



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