Believe it or not, Maria is a little self concious about her poses for Silk Purse, Oily Rag.  Sonya thinks Maria probably shouldn’t feel like that, as what she sees in each image is strength, poise, confidence and fabulousness…

“Yes my clothes are mostly second-hand, but the boots were new.  The bracelets were purchased from all different places, each one.  And they are a mixture of horn, brass, copper and plastic.  No, no wood or bakerlite this time.  I tend to wear my hair up like this in the shop, and more often when it needs a wash.  Sometimes people don’t recognise me when I wear it out and without a hat or anything.  I often I do this on Friday or at the weekend.  And at the gym I wear it down.  Yes, I dress up at the gym too!  Why wouldn’t I? I spend a lot of time there.”DSC_0236


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