Kellie’s look is consistent and definite, and while she often breaks the rules, it always seems to work out.  These are signs of someone with style, who knows what works well for them and is practised in putting things together…

“Interestingly, my shoes are from Glassons.  I do love them and they work well with this look but with the heel they’re not ideal for in the salon.  Flat shoes are better when you are on your feet all day.  The skirt has a matching suit jacket but I don’t wear that.  The blouse was a bit of a find, a sale item from an op-shop.  Isn’t it funny what some people value, and others not at all.  The jacket was given to me.  I have actually had it for a very long time, but it wasn’t really ‘me’ then.  I was younger I suppose.  But I held on to it, so I must have seen something in it.  Now I really love it and wear it a lot.  The glasses?  Let’s just say they were not a bargain! They are prescription sunglasses by Prada and I got them from Matthew’s Eyewear”.

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