Kirsten was unsure about being photographed for Silk Purse, Oily Rag, and it took some gentle persuasion before she said yes.  We are so glad she did, as her style is so unique and elegant, so “Kirsten”…

“I made my skirt out of curtain fabric.  It is a design I have been working on for a while now, playing with the shape and asymmetry.  I would love to have my own label one day, to design and make things for others.  People often comment on the uniqueness of my style and very often my own creations.  My mother knitted my shawl for me and sent it to me.  She was a very elegant woman who modelled in her day.  My ring came from her.  It was her engagement ring, and I re-modelled it for my own wedding.   I always wear heels, as I am quite… vertically challenged.  The rich suede of these shoes is so lovely”

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