Sonya and Maria seem to talk an awful lot during shoots, taking far too long to get the images.  Fortunately they paused just long enough to get some cool shots in between times…

“When buying new, I believe in investing in quality.  It just makes sense to have things that look better and last longer.  These boots are leather and from Mi Piaci and I have been wearing them consistently since I got them four years ago.  I will be wearing them a long time yet.  My pants are also new, by Liann Bellis. They are a drop-crotch style and work perfectly tucked into these boots, a bit equestrian-like.  The shirt is a Versace print.  No, not actually Versace, but bought for the print.  My son Josiah found it at a vintage market.  The jewellery is sterling silver, mid-century Danish design.  The jacket is real Armani, second-hand but barely worn.  It’s vegan, not real leather and fur “.

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