Brooke is one of four sisters who are the creative talent of Nelson label, Wanoa Four.  Sonya also knows her as a stylist and fashion industry pro who has a great sense of personal style…

“The jacket is Wanoa Four, the print inspired by our Maori heritage.  My mother is Pakeha and my dad is Maori.  The label is a blend of that heritage in a way that’s contemporary.  We design and digital print our own prints, the jacket is lined in printed fabric too.  The ‘bum bag’ is also one of ours.  Yes a bum-bag! Very 90s but also very now.  I am wearing dungarees by Rollas and my top is by Zara.  I like to mix and match my style, including something of our own label.  The shoes are Jeffery Campbell and my glasses were a bit of a splurge.  They are Celine.  I saw them on Rihanna and said to myself, ‘no I’m not going to be a follower’ …but then I just loved them so much I had to have them”.


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