Sonya and Annabelle had a catch up shoot on Saturday morning and so Sonya brought her daughter Harriet along for the fun.  That’s her perched in the tree…

“Today is the anniversary of my grandfather’s passing.  And so it’s fitting that I should have this bag that he made.  He retired early and both him and my grandmother did a lot of creative things during their retirement.  His attention to detail on the bag is really quite amazing.  He also made this bracelet, the plain silver one.  My skirt is secondhand, but I bought the tee-shirt in Turkey on recent travels.  It is of a Mongolian invader who, instead of drawing a bow and arrow on horseback, is taking a selfie! I was given this vintage 1950s era cardigan by a style-loving friend of mine.  She gave it to me because she didn’t wear it despite loving it.  She wanted it to go to a home where it would be apppreciated.  And I do.  It’s a bit of a go-to cardigan that goes with heaps of stuff.



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