Tessa has strong attachments to certain pieces she really loves.  Like her Izaac Ibbotson earrings that she lost twice, but managed to resurrect…


“I do have a good story about my earrings for you. They are my favourites, but I lost one in the surf playing with one of my sons.  So had a replacement remade.  But then not so long ago, I lost another down a stormwater drain in the Mall carpark!  I was so gutted when it happenned, because I really couldn’t afford to lose another.  So late that night my husband and I snuck out in the dark when no-one was about.  I think we were in our pyjamas and robes.  The stormwater grate was behind the Police Station.  We took our head-torches and felt a bit naughty sneaking about in the dark and rummaging around.  I held onto my husbands legs while he reached down.  But I got it back.  So funny!  The shirt?  Yes I think it’s lovely too.  I was drawn to it at a store called Designer Clothing Brands in Greytown, on a shopping trip recently.  I scanned the racks and it was the sleeve that caught my eye.  I love that linen-y look.  It’s a bit like a painters smock, but it has lovely stitch details that give it shape and form”.

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