Anna modelled for a fashion show Sonya was helping out with.  So when they bumped into each other the other day, a discussion about stylish things ensued.  It was a natural progression for Sonya to ask Anna if Silk Purse, Oily Rag could take her photo…

“If I had known you were going to photograph me, then I probably would have spent more time agonising over what to wear.  But perhaps it is better this way. It’s more authentic.  I have had this jacket for a very long time and it’s Trelise Cooper.  Old Trelise, as I am not into her clothing as much now.  I think it’s 15 years old.  The bag is Italian, and Compomaggi is the label.  Really beautifully made, emersion dyed, not just surface coloured leather.  My scarf is real Louis Vuitton, with a limited edition Tin Tin print on it.  I bought it when travelling and was quietly horrified at the price when I got to the register to pay.  They don’t put prices on things in the shops.  So it’s quite the experience.  My jewellery is very local.  My engagement ring is from Benjamin Black, and the other is Kim Brice”.

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