When the sunlight and the woman own the space they’re in, Sonya finds herself spoilt for choice with many beautiful images…

“I don’t know how you would describe my style.  I am not always very confident about it.  I do like simple, elegant things, and beautiful accessories. Jewellery is important to me and I think that it usually carries more meaning and attachment.  I mean, we have memories and add significance to jewellery more than clothes.  Like these 7 -day stacker rings by Jessica Aggrey.  I gave the same ones to close friends for gifts and I like the idea that wearing the same thing connects us no matter where we are or what we are doing.  I am also wearing a beautiful contemporary jade ring by Hannah Sheehan.  She is the sister of jeweller Joe Sheehan whose jade key pendant I am also wearing.  The other Sapphire ring was my mother-in-law Rhoda’s, and it is much more traditional. But I love it very much.  It is actually quite contemporary looking for its era.  My bag was from Trouble & Fox, and it’s Status Anxiety.  You are not the first to comment that these shoes have a victorian look about them!  They are so comfortable, by Windsor Smith”.


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