Tuesday Diary

Today I want to enthusiastically promote Pinterest as an essential tool for any woman who is serious about fashion and style.  With much glee, I want to announce my obsession with this this social media platform and all of its wonderfulness.

Pinterest is an essential tool for anyone and everyone interested in contemporary fashion and style

If you’re a Pinterester already, then feel free to move on to reading something more interesting (like, how to remove belly fat with one simple food).  Or go have a wee Pinterest binge and blame me for it.  You’ll quite possibly be addicted to the possibility of an endless supply of current and historical fashion images, run-way looks and streetstyle inspiration, so will take little encouragement.

If not, then you must.  And here’s why.

Pinterest is a bottomless pit of fashion and style images.  It is like a fashion magazine that never ends (it really is!), with no articles and no advertising (although arguably plenty of product touting).  It’s an archive of unimaginable depth and breadth full of ideas and inspiration.

From this vast wonderland of fashion and style imagery you can search and pin images to your own “pin boards”.  You can follow the “boards” of others, so see what they are collecting.  You can search for ideas of how to wear a certain garment, like “outfit ideas for orange pants”.  You can search for images of people, like street-style stars and  fashion icons, such as “Audrey Hepburn style”.  And you can even see images of street style stars from around the world,  by using search words like “Street Style Paris”.

In using it to develop personal style, it’s a way in which to develop ideas, refine your thinking and continually gather inspiration.

I have boards dedicated to street style I like, to design ideas and sewing projects.  I have images of run-way looks that interest me, images of vintage style to inspire me, and follow icons so to learn the secrets of the style.

How to sign up to Pinterest?  It’s easy, and it’s free.

Just run a google search for Pinterest and go to the sign-up page.  Create an account by coming up with a Pinterest account name, and follow the instructions in setting it up.  Once you’ve got an account, have a play by plugging in a few search words, like “leather biker jacket street style” and see what comes up.

Create pin-boards for things you want to collect like “hair styles”, “summer style ideas” and “street style inspiration”.  Click on the red “pin” icon and you can save that pin to a board you have created.  Just make a start, have a play and let the Pinterest addiction begin.

For more help in setting up and understanding Pinterest, you can click on this link  https://www.wikihow.com/Use-Pinterest

Happy Pinning!

Sonya xx





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