Women with great style often have a strong creative drive.  Like Paula, who was dressed for this week’s shoot in clothing she made herself…

“I bought this fabric on line at The Fabric Store.  It was on sale and I took a bit of a gamble in buying it for my label The Seamstress.  It is an unusual texture and finish, fine but almost a little stiff and ‘crisp’ to the touch.  I love florals, hence the tattoo. ‘Florals for life’ I say!  I also made the skirt, which is a coated leather-look fabric.  The design is from Paper Cut Patterns, which is a Nelson-based pattern-making business.  I did tone my lip gloss to go with the peach in the print, although it’s probably a bit hard to see in photos.  Did you notice my mismatched earrings?  I was given the greenstone earring as a gift, but it is a single one.   The other one goes with the print, although it’s a bit hidden”.

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