Tessa usually chooses clothes that cover her figure, preferring to be more hidden and thus relaxed.  This is a common theme amongst women, the idea that when our bodies are disguised beneath loose layers we feel more comfortable.  This week however, Tessa chose a different approach…

“I don’t believe in saving our ‘good’ clothes for special occasions.  I bought this dress for my son’s graduation and it is really quite lovely.  I just dress it down for going to work hence the jeans and flats.  I often do that, like, a pretty blouse and worn jeans.  Or a fancy jacket with a casual top.  This dress is different for me though because it does show that I have a figure.  Usually I hide more because I feel more relaxed when I do.  Yes I think so too, the print is very pretty and the colours do work well for me. It is a Tigerlily dress that I bought from Trouble & Fox, and I had it taken up as it was so long that it almost dragged on the ground”.

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