It’s great to have Carol back for our real style project.  We love how strong and assured she is about what she loves.  There’s no question about it.  Carol has ‘it’ through and through…

“I never stray far away from neutrals.  Black, white, navy and beige.  It’s not that I don’t like colour, but for some reason these colours are ‘me’.  Like my love of masculine elements.  I have dresses and skirts but I am most at home in trousers and lace-ups.  I absolutely love Doc Martins, these I bought online for a steal.  These pants are very special.  They are Alexander McQueen, and yes they are the real deal.  They are so well made, just beautiful.  But I bought them secondhand at Ziggurat in Wellington, a secondhand and re-sale store.  My bracelet and bag are both from Shine, the bag is Elk. My jacket is a Country Road one, and my necklace is another Boh Runga one that I bought using my Flybuys points”.


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