Catherine has always had an inherent sense of style, even if she has not always been able to express it in the way that she can today.  We look forward to seeing her style unfold over the weeks as part of Silk Purse, Oily Rag…

“A part of me feels a bit uncomfortable about dressing up.  Even though I can and it is expected of me in the Gallery, it sometimes doesn’t feel quite right.  Then I remind myself of what my husband Craig’s mum used to say.  She’d say ‘you can never be too dressed up’.  She would turn up to volunteer at the Suter Gallery in her Chanel suit and pearls.  These pearls are from her.  Yes, it is possible that I am not totally comfortable because this whole ‘glamour’ thing is new to me.  It has really only become part of my life in more recent years.  My top is from Trouble & Fox and the bag I also bought locally from Palm, it is Deadly Ponies.  The necklace is Nick Von K from the Gallery, and the skirt was bought on our honeymoon in Venice, it is Prada.  And the shoes are Louis Vuitton. Look at the shape of them!  They are so amazing.  Yes I brought out all the guns this week”.


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