Sonya met Poppy at the Church steps inbetween Poppy dropping her kids off at school and meeting the plumber back at home.  Sonya and Poppy chatted about scattered attention, the challenges of working motherhood, and cacti on Instagram….

“You should photograph me in front of that cactus, as I always seem to get lots of Instagram likes when I include cacti in my posts.  Yes, I think the green background does go well with my overall look, a bit earthy.  This top is actually Trelise Cooper, believe it or not.  My  boots are by Elk and bangles DK, both from Shine.  The necklace and earrings are from a friend of mine Hayley, who is a jewellery designer and maker of the brand Kami & Kindred.  Everything is handmade, the porcelain and the rope details.  She’s very clever.  She actually suggested I put one of those little air-plants in the little ceramic pendant, but that might be a bit too much”.

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