Kellie has a very definite vintage style.  And while she is generally resourceful in finding pieces to express this aesthetic, the genuine garments and accessories that have history and authenticity are the ones that give her the most satisfaction…

“To be honest, it never feels quite right to wear a new “vintage” dress.  I feel like a bit of a fraud, even though I really love this dress.  Yes, it is a replica, probably made from an old pattern but bought new in recent years.  Wearing authentic dresses that were actually made in the 1950s or whatever is my preference, but it’s not always easy to find them.  The little cropped jacket I am wearing was picked up at a clothes swap with some friends.  It turns out that another friend of ours Paula had it originally, although I didn’t know it at the time. The leather cuff was made by a friend who is a leather-works artist and worked in costuming for the Lord of the Rings.  I think that when you wear things that have a story, a history, or some special meaning to you, they’re always better”.

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