Ishna and Sonya discussed the merits of buying into quality designer labels for economic reasons as well as environmental ones.  That, and coffee cup sizes…

“It’s just the right size, not too big.  I don’t always want a big mug of coffee.  And this one just so happens to go very nicely with my outfit.  With this bag.  It was hand-made, made by a saddler.  It is one of those forever things you own.  Yes this look is from my sister’s label, Lela Jacobs.  I know I’m not wearing anything second-hand today, except the coffee cup.  Does that count?  I think that being resourceful and sustainable in fashion isn’t only about second-hand.  I think that when you buy into high quality designer pieces, ones that aren’t “high fashion”, you buy into something that stays with you for many many years.  That makes a lot of sense. I think that my style is based around things that aren’t really in fashion, so I guess that helps.  Lela’s label is like that too.  Her stuff is kind of timeless and not for everyone, but that’s the appeal of it”.

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