There are many things to love about taking a classical approach to style.  Understatement, elegance and practicality are three of them, and Hannah’s style is an embodiment of all of these attributes…

“I pretty much just threw on these clothes to get here in time.  I had all of about 15 minutes to get here from work.  And I’m sorry, but I brought my nannying bag again.  It is so practical. I really like simple, quality things because they make it easy to look good.  Seed Heritage is a brand I really like for this reason and these shoes are from them.  It’s quite a classic label, but always current.  I bought them in Melbourne along with this David Lawrence trenchcoat which is also like that.  But I am not necessarilly brand fussy.  I mean, this tee-shirt and glasses are from K-Mart.  Yes, I know, who’d’ve thought?  The t-shirt is a boys one, it didn’t cost more than a few dollars!  And my pants are from Glassons, so there you go”.


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