Tessa values quality and pieces that have a timelessness about them.  But she’s not afraid to mix it up, cleverly wearing op-shop finds and designer pieces together…

“I really do believe in quality.  It is just so important for me to wear things that are made right, from good materials.  I have some pants for example that were very expensive, but they are perfect for my shape and they’ll never go out of date.  I just wear them and wear them and wear them.  And these shoes, they are looking tired now, but I have had them for such a long time.  Accessories too like this belt that I bought from Kimberley’s some time ago now.  I often shop for quality things from second-hand re-sale shops, like the Karen Jordan Outlet shop.  When you have a few really good quality pieces then you can mix them up with cheaper pieces and it still looks really good.  Like these bangles that I bought from a charity shop just the other day, and the necklace that I found at a garage sale”.

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