Tuesday Diary

I’m not usually one to tell you what to wear.  After-all, I’m all about great personal style and I refuse to buy-in to the concept of fashion’s “must haves”.

But then I stumbled upon an old article I’d written about “Stylish Summer Essentials”.  I thought it was quite good, even though it’s almost ten-years old.  With a few edits, here’s what it advised about three great pieces to invest in for the summer ahead.

1. Invest in great eye-wear

Generally speaking, women tend to focus their shopping spend on clothes.  But when it comes to summer, it pays to channel some of your budget into quality sunglasses.  Sunglasses are all powerful:  We engage with them first when we meet people, and we really can’t miss them!  They add mystery and allure, cover tired eyes and wrinkles and contribute great personality to any ensemble. And while some style writers cite the value of investing in shoes and handbags to great style, I prioritise great glasses.

Perfect frames will transform an average get-up into something snap-worthy.  Bad ones, that look cheap, will undermine even the most sophisticated ensemble.

2. Invest in flattering swimwear

I once overheard a couple discussing swimwear and agreeing it wasn’t worth the money for a great swim suit, that they were “always so overpiced, for such a tiny piece of fabric”.  I remember sighing internally.

Yes, togs can seem like a rip-off!  But they really matter during one of the most self-concious times of most womens’ public life.  Why wouldn’t you want to look you best? Your very very best?

Emotionally and physically, a flattering, well-made swimsuit helps you to be on top of your game when you’re about to expose your body to any and all

Choose well and you’ll wear them many seasons, and you’ll not regret the expense one bit.  As for the average pair, half the price but not quite as good as the expensive ones? While they were adequate to begin with, they sagged and bagged after a couple of pool-swims.  And you’ll find yourself back to square one this time next year.

3. Find a baggy cotton or linen cover-all dress.

Sometimes feeling at ease within yourself as a woman is about hiding.  Hiding and feeling hidden.  When women feel hidden they generally feel relaxed, and in summer it’s important to relax.  The trick to stylish bagginess is having no waistband or tailoring for physical comfort and ample fabric for psychological ease.

That said, any old sack won’t do. Choose something with a great neckline for your upper body shape, a length that stops in a place to flatter your legs, and a sleeve that loosely covers the top of your arm.

Happy summer styling, lovely SPOR’ers!

Sonya xx





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