Sometimes Sonya reminds Catherine that Silk Purse, Oily Rag loves the way she dresses for its very refined and feminine take on elegance, that we wouldn’t have approached her if we didn’t think it was fabulous, and that great style is as diverse and unique as the people inside the clothes…

“Sometimes I wonder if I am right for your blog.  I mean, some of your ladies are so creative and resourceful in where they get their things, and they dress so interestingly.  Whereas I really only buy things new.  My dress is from Shine and it’s by Otto D’Ame, and the glasses are also from Shine.  They are Juliette Hogan.  The ring is from Claire Allain, and it was from the Gallery.  My shoes are from Portmans, and I got them for a steal in a sale.  The style is so perfect for my work.  My jewellery was Rhoda Potton’s, given to me.  She was a very elegant lady.  My handbag is a Deadly Ponies one, and I do love it but it’s not super practical.  It holds, not much!”.DSC_0718

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