There is a creative chemistry between Sonya and Ishna, whosoever is behind the camera or styling the fashion.  As these images show, Ishna’s style is as strong as her reputation as a photographer…

“I think that there’s a lot of “wrong” out there about being sexy.  I mean, there’s this idea that to be sexy you have to show skin and wear fitted clothes.  But I don’t think that’s actually as sexy as being subtle about your feminity.  I think being subtle is about being feminine without showing skin or wearing fitted clothes.  Sometimes it’s a hint of what’s underneath.  Sometimes it’s almost the reverse of what you’d think that makes you sexy.  Like when you dress masculine but you’re clearly womanly.  That’s sexy .  I can’t think of an analogy.  But yes you are right, it’s the difference between telling a story literally and having people read between the lines.  Not everyone will get it straight off but when they do it makes more of an impact”.dsc_0464.jpg

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