Hayley and Sonya met at a Shine fashion show, where Hayley launched her jewellery label Kami & Kindred.  Sonya was struck by Hayley’s model-like looks and comtemporary but earthy style…

“I believe in slow-fashion, owning pieces that will stand the test of time and remain in my wardrobe for years to come.  Linens, stripes, and neutrals, they are things I can easilly match together and wear time and time again. Like this linen tee-shirt that I have had forever. I’ll also happily pay a heavy price tag for something that will last for ages.  The dress is actually a New Zealand label Miss Crabb, and I was lucky to pick it up second hand.  My shoes are Moochi and my bag was bought overseas.  Yes, my earrings are from my own label.  I make everything myself, using natural media like ceramic, wood and silk fibre.  I value things that are handmade like these bangles which are not my own but imported”.

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