Style can be found within all price ranges, as Catherine shows us this week in her inexpensive chainstore shop dress that she bought ‘by accident’…

“I was just waiting around while my teenage daughters were trying on this and that.  And I was leaning on a rack that had this dress on it.  And then I noticed it and thought, ‘oh I’ll try it on just for fun’.  And it turned out to be rather beautiful, one of my favourites.  It’s a Forever New dress. My shoes are Overland shoes.   It’s true that I do usually go for the higher quality labels, but I don’t think that defines my style.  And I think that style is much more than that anyway.  The details of how we present ourselves, like make-up and perfume and hair?  They are also very important.  Shea from Ursula Harris Hair did my cut and colour.  The scent I am wearing is Stercus perfume from World, and my lippy is Russian Red Mac lipstick.  Yes, strong lippy is a bit of a signature of mine.

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