It is wonderful to be able to start 2018 with the pure fabulousness of Maria.  And does it get any more fabulous than a necklace with matching bracelet set made from real scarab beetles?

“When people ask me about the necklace and I tell them that it is made from real scarab beetles, many people are put off.  But isn’t that what makes the necklace so amazing?  That it’s real?  Yes, it was an extraordinary find.  I bought it at an estate sale in Riwaka, from the granddaughter of the lady who originally owned it.  It is from the 1920s, when it was very fashionable to be exotic and wear things made from animals, including bugs apparently.  No, I don’t know much more about it sadly.  My other jewellery is citrine and it is all vintage, collected over the years.  It’s true, I don’t often wear my hair out.  It takes a bit of effort to get it to look like this.  Yes, it is a little bit Morticia from the Adams Family!  Goes with the dead bugs maybe?”

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