There’s something about Amy.  More than her natural beauty and elegance, there’s a style nous that sees her pair a bright orange and white silk scarf with a sheer black top, jeans and sneakers. And so she looks both sophisticated and at ease as she pushes baby Isla in the buggy from home and into town…

“My scarf goes with the orange on the baby buggy, but I can assure you I didn’t plan it that way.  And no you cannot photograph me with it, it’s a bit tired looking!  I had to wear sneakers of course, walking into town kind-of made that a requirement.  My top is by Libertine and my scarf is by Liberati, but that was coincidental as well.  Yes, I think a silk scarf really makes the difference and so I often wear scarves.   The bra I am wearing is a bandeau style and it’s perfect with this sheer top. I have a few of them, as they’re great for my body and lots of the things I wear.  My jewellery is by Black Matter, the cuff and ship’s helm pendant. My earrings are by Benjamin Black too”.

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