Kellie had forgotten about the scheduled photoshoot, and had dressed without thought to being photographed.  We think this makes her look even more cool by virtue of it’s authenticity…

“It slipped my mind that we were due to shoot today when I dressed for work this morning.  I was in a bit of a rush, with the kids and all, so I’m not sure it’s my best look.  And I didn’t really accessorise.  But then I guess that’s what you’re looking for with the blog isn’t it?  The real stuff.  I just grabbed this bag on the way out, and although I do often mix prints, I am not sure that I would have normally paired these two prints together.  They clash just a bit too much.  I’m glad you find them interesting though!  I do often wear vintage frocks like this one.  This is one of those up-cycled ones.  You like my socks? Did you just call them ‘socklets’?”.

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