2 thoughts on “Fashion On Air

  1. I disagree with this comment as I see that the NZ female consumer has a vested interest in where and how the garments are made and by whom. Being ‘stylish’ – a hackneyed and rather broad term which has come to encompass many things – would indicate that as well as being well-dressed (a better term in my opinion), and well groomed, that they also have strong moral bearing that informs the way they shop. On the back of the reports by Baptist World Australasia imploring the need for more accuracy around the reporting and transparency in fashion production I firmly believe that choosing products, yes, on aesthetics, but also actual need (not merely desire) for that product and an awareness of the impact of that purchase and exchange is very important.

    Audrey Hepburn was far less interesting in comparison to the other Hepburn (Katherine, no relative), who chose clothing based its function not it’s surface decoration nor its ability to add to her reinforce her star power. Katharine Hepburn chose clothing (often men’s), that was bespoke, supporting small industry in England and literally wore them out. They were functional, utilitarian and did the job well – much like the woman herself.

    Audrey’s slick, art directed image was one that was heavily orchestrated by Hubert de Givenchy and therefore by many Tinseltown studio executives as he dressed her for most of her film roles. Kate Moss is very similar to Audrey Hepburn in that her image has been very carefully constructed so that she almost appears holographic-like, her style banal, pre-prescribed and oft-copied. I would encourage a more careful choice of advice – you seem to love dispensing it. The edicts should be more reflective of a modern, conscious NZ fashion consumer and the ‘icons’ should be more three dimensional like Kiwi woman are themselves.


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