Taking a minimalist approach to style is not about paring a look back to the most simple of pieces, but choosing simple pieces and combining them with care and restraint so that they shine.  Shannon shows us how this is done…

“My working style is influenced by my time working in the highly corporate world of government in Wellington.  Here in Nelson we get to wear what we like at work, but I still like to look professional, corporate.  But there’s a touch of Audrey Hepburn’s classic style in there too. I do wear a lot of neutrals and simple things, like this top from Max.  A lot of what I wear is from Max, it’s my go-to place for staples.  My bag is Marcs and I brought it on the way to the Silver Scrolls music awards in Auckland.  My shoes are from Taylors Shoes.  I actually wore them for a fashion shoot and liked them so much I ended up buying them”.

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