I was surprised to discover that most of what Hayley wears is either “designer” or “charity shop”.  There’s not much in-between, as this week’s outfit illustrates…

“My jeans, necklace, bag and top were all bought from charity shops.  You wouldn’t necessarilly know it but I often shop at charity shops, always looking for the best quality things.  The necklace was actually given to me by my sister-in-law who was lucky to find it at an op-shop. Yes, hard to believe, it is rather amazing!  The shoes cost me a lot more than everything else combined, well-and-truly.  But they were handmade in Barcelona by Faye from ‘Sevilla Smith’.  They are so soft and beautifully made, just a dream to wear and worth every cent.  Quality is very important to me, no matter what the price point”.



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