As well as sharing stories about their children and catching up about their creative endeavours, Paula and Sonya often end up chatting about their latest second-hand treasures, including Paula’s vintage skirt, found on Trade Me…

“This vintage skirt is from Trade Me.  The pleats are very ‘now’ but it’s an older label.  I’d say a good 25% of my wardrobe has come from Trade Me. It can be pretty hit and miss with fit and quality etc.  And with my spontaneous nature, impulse buys often occur!  But there’s nothing like a win. I do think I’ve learnt a fair amount over the years buying online, and Trade Me aside, I’m generally pretty thoughtful as to what what I’m purchasing and I know what shapes etc to stay away from. And actually, in 95% of the bad purchase cases, I can chop it up and reinvent it in some way.  My bag and the earrings were gifts from friends.  The bracelet is from Dunedin jeweller Jacky Morren”.


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