Being clear on what your fashion favourites are, who influences you and where you look for inspiration, can help you to develop a strong sense of personal style.  Like Catherine…

“I think that I take a lot of inspiration from women I admire.  Not just because they dress well, but because of who they are.  Definitely ‘real’ women who aren’t just celebrated for their looks or wardrobes.  Like Jacinda Ardern, and Kate Middleton.  These women have very public lives and image is important.  But more than that, they are clever women and they are strong.  And you know, I really like Karen Walker too.  I don’t really own a lot of her clothes but I love how she styles things, and I love her fashion attitude.  She is stunning, but not in a pretty girl kind-of-a way…  Ooo yes this bag was a very special gift from my husband’s cousin, the New York based artist-illustrator Gary Baseman.  The bag is from a limited edition collaboration bewteen him and Coach. Yes, I am a very lucky girl!”

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