Sonya is curious about the styling process that goes on when a woman chooses what to wear each day.  Does she plan it in advance?  Or does she just wing it on the day?  Does she have a set pattern, or is it a bit random?  Admire Magazine Fashion Editor, Jacqui Jones, shares how she chose this week’s outfit…

“No I didn’t really think ahead.  I just started with these bright shorts and built the look up from there.  I think that’s what I often do.  I will start with something that I feel like wearing, usually a brightly coloured thing.  These shorts were an op-shop find and I really wanted to wear them today.  The kimono-style top is a piece that I love and I have had for a while.  But untied it just drapes and that doesn’t really work for my body shape.  But I tried it on because it goes so well with the shorts, and had a wee play with it.  Then I discovered that by knotting it, it could work!  That was the outfit!  Then I just accessorised from there”.

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