Vintage looks interest us for a number of reasons.  What drives women to seek out pieces from past fashions?  What motivates them to dress differently from everyone else? Sonya asked Kellie about her vintage and retro fashion aesthetic…

“No I don’t think that money was or is ever the reason for liking retro things.  Yes, they are generally cheaper, but I think that it’s because I have always liked to be different.  I have always sought out things that I know no one else will have.  My style used to much more ‘out there’, but as I have gotten older it has changed.  It’s not as extreme I suppose.  I have always liked the 1950s, especially the dresses and that pin-up look.  It’s a silhouette that works for me, but I was doing it long before it become a ‘thing’.  It’s quite popular now, rockabilly”.

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