Since starting the Silk Purse, Oily Rag real-style project, we have learned that stylish women vary in what or who influences their style, as much they do in style itself!  In Poppy’s case, having a muse or an icon helps her to fine-tune her own taste and develop new looks…

“Yes, I definitely like to have an icon to look towards.  Caroline De Maigret is undoubtedly my number one icon.  I love her style, her look and her attitude towards clothes.  She is French, and she has that casual french-girl thing going on, but in a grown up kind of a way.  Yes, french style.  My clutch is by french label Celine’, and it was a gift from my sister.  It is pretty special.  Accessories are a big part of my style, probably more so than my clothes which are usually pretty understated.  This pendant is very special, as it is in fact a medallion from my Great Grandfather who was bag pipe Master.  It is one of his medallions.”

Poppy’s muse, French stylist and model, Caroline De Maigret

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